Announcing the Stock Dependencies for WooCommerce plugin

by | Apr 14, 2020 | Stock Dependencies for WooCommerce, WooCommerce, WordPress

I was faced with an interesting challenge when building the eCommerce solution for The Goalie Training Institute: How do you sell training sessions that are available on multiple days of the week in a variety of packages that pick from the inventory available on each day? Surprisingly I couldn’t find a great way to do this that fit well with what GTI wanted. The solution is the Stock Dependencies for WooCommerce plugin.

With Stock Dependencies for WooCommerce, you can make the products and variations in your WooCommerce store dependent on the inventory of your other products or variations. Customers will be able to select and purchase the product without seeing the products on which it depends in their cart, during their checkout, or on their receipt. Inventory management in Woo Commerce is greatly simplified since you only have to manage inventory levels for the item(s) on which your product or variation is dependent.

The Stock Dependencies for WooCommerce plugin is completely free and open source. Install the plugin from the WordPress plugin directory or download from GitHub.