is live

by | Sep 21, 2020 | Clients, Kef, News

The Legal Innovation Data Institute “lowers the barriers, changes the equation and expands the circle of innovation in Canadian legal data beyond the small and closed group of legal publishers that currently possess extensive primary law collections (i.e., judgments, legislation and regulations).” The LIDI website uses WordPress and a custom theme built with the Divi theme builder and it’s hosted at WP Engine. The site was built in a fairly short time of around two weeks from start to going live. It certainly helped a lot that LIDI’s Colin Lachance had a fairly good idea what he wanted and provided the content in a timely manner.

I used the Divi Carousel module from DiviGear for the first time on this project to create auto-sliding carousels. It works really well and I’ll definitely use it again if I need that functionality.